Nalthaum's Spellbook

Nalthaum’s Spellbook

> Item Effect (CP +2): Learn the tale of the Grand Wizard Nalthaum and the Master Library.

> Item Effect (CP +3): One side of this item is a spellbook but when flipped over it appears to be a regular tome. You may open the cover of the tome side while thinking of a bookshelf, library, storage trunk, or another such place where books could be stored, to reveal a black abyss. Dropping a book, piece of parchment, flyer, etc. adds the volume to the library. You can access any of the items added to the book’s library by thinking of the title and the spellbook will display it on its pages. The abyss rejects anything that couldn’t be added to the library. The exception to this are blank notebooks that can later be recalled for note taking. The spellbook keeps track of where you left off with in each volume in the library with an illusory bookmark that appears when you summon the title. Tearing a page out from the library side creates an illusory image of that page that can be handled by you. It disappears after 10 minutes. Tearing a page from the spellbook side actually tears out a page and makes the book have physically fewer pages. You may also think of a subject & the book will display a written list of stored books that are relevant.

> Item Effect (CP +4): You may physically interact with your illusions & your illusions are so well crafted that others have disadvantage when attempting to see through them (the first insight check the creature makes)

> Item Effect (CP +5): Your Intelligence score is 19 while you have this spellbook. If your Intelligence is already 19 or higher your Intelligence increases by 2 as does your maximum for that score.

> Item Effect (CP +6): While holding in possession of this spellbook you gain a +3 bonus to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma Saving Throws; Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Rolls.

You may have up to 3 illusion spells that require concentration and last up to 1 minute or less active at a time. In addition targets now also have disadvantage on all initial saving throws from your illusion spells. When you take damage you make a concentration check individually for each spell you have active that is used in this way.

In addition if an opponent sees through your illusion you may choose to falter their disbelief. They act as if they did not see through your illusion initially. Once you use this feature you cannot do so again until you have finished a short or long rest.

Nalthaum’s Spellbook had long been collecting dust in the library of Shim, that is until Venric chanced upon it. A large leather bound tome, it pictured a rather exaggerated owl perched atop a branch. As he opened it there was a magnificent tale of Nalthaum’s life – his birthplace, experiences at the College of Arcane Research, his journey to the northern tip of the world and his expeditions on the far off isles. The story ended with his final days tutoring his only two apprentices in his final home. As the story ended and the book closed the back side showed a staff glowing in raised leather like the owl on the front cover. When Venric opened this side of the book it was completely blank with the exception of one page that simply read “For Arcane Study.”
Always a lover of knowledge and books he had heard the tales of Nalthaum’s Master Library lost to time during the course of his extended life but to stumble upon Nalthaum’s own spell book was unbelievable. The secrets of the book itself hadn’t been uncovered and there was much to learn but if this small part of the story about Nalthaum was true perhaps the library was too.


Nalthaum's Spellbook

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