Sister Swords

Sister Swords

> Item Effect (CP +2): Learn “The Builder’s Contract”

> Item Effect (CP +3): When within 5’ of an ally you may use your reaction to attempt to disrupt an attack that would hit him/her by adding your Dexterity modifier to their AC until the start of your next turn. When you use this feature you cannot use it again until you benefit from a short rest.

> Item Effect (CP +4): In place of your bonus action, you can attack with both sisters whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

> Item Effect (CP +5): Your Dexterity score is 19 while you wear or wield these swords. If your Dexterity is already 19 or higher your Dexterity increases by 2 as does your maximum for that score.

> Item Effect (CP +6): You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with these swords. In addition, the weapon ignores resistance to slashing damage.

When you attack a creature with these weapons and roll a 20 it must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be slain instantly. A creature is immune to this effect if it is immune to slashing damage, has legendary actions, or the DM decides that the creature isn’t susceptible to this effect. Such a creature instead takes an extra 6d8 elemental damage of your choice.

If you ever attack and roll a 20 to attack with both weapons the target instantly dies regardless of the conditions listed above.

The Sister Swords are perfect opposites of one another. Andunecel the longsword is fierce and flat with curling grips that wrap around the base of the blade. Rhunecel is in truth a rapier though is enchanted to appear as Andunecel’s copy. Both blades have runes that run down the side of them that are incomplete and senseless until the blades are placed side by side to one another. When done the writing transforms into the primary language of the wielder and depicts the Builder’s contract.
When the blades are not held they retract into their handles that are seemingly too small to fit. Their weight is always constant, extended or not. The mystery of the builder is one that has been unsolvable to date with no leads and gaps in memory larger than the average human’s life span.
Curtanas is an extension of these wondrous items. The summoner during the initial ritual must put a drop of their blood onto the onyx card which holds their . When they do the card bursts into flames, flames that gradually assume the shape of Andunecel and Rhunecel and from their hilts extend to form Curtanas, fully clad and equipped to serve her newest master.
The card is lost to the flames though does reappear somewhere in the world of Arklan in a seemingly random and unknown location when Curtanas or her master are claimed by Myrkul’s embrace. Those who seek out the card and perform the ritual claim Curtanas as their loyal protector until death do they part.

Sister Swords

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