Belt of Kal'fae

Belt of Kal’fae

> Item Effect (CP +2): Learn about Kal’fae and the Abyssal language

> Item Effect (CP +3): If you would be hit by an attack that deals at least a quarter of your maximum HP the belt instead allows you the option to Misty Step away from the attacker, up to 30 feet. Once you have used this feature you may not do so again until after a long rest.

> Item Effect (CP +4): You can store up to two spells, by casting them into the belt, that can then be used at a later time as an action. If the stored spell is not used within 3 sunrises the spell fades and is lost.

> Item Effect (CP +5): Your Charisma score is 19 while you wear this belt. If your Charisma is already 19 or higher your Charisma increases by 2 as does your maximum for that score.

> Item Effect (CP +6): You gain +3 to your Armor Class. You may cast either mass suggestion as an 8th level spell or demiplane without expending a spell slot. When casting mass suggestion each affected creature makes their first saving with Disadvantage. Once you have used this feature you may not do so again until after a long rest.

The Belt of Kal’fae features raised glyphs along it’s sides and the border of the eye when it opens. The writing appears Abyssal though even those who are proficient can only make out bits and pieces without tireless study. Whenever the wearer uses magic the eye opens and stays open for 8 hours, occasionally glancing around. The belt adjusts to the wearer’s size and can even move up or down slightly to accommodate dressing and undressing without ever being removed. It is crafted of supple and oddly smooth leather from a beast you cannot identify.
Kal’fae the Ultroloth (yugoloth) [as opposed to other ultroloths, Kal’fae is black skinned and constantly in a state of regenerative decay. Pieces of flesh fall from his body and crumple to dust in the air. Where they fall off there is already a fresh epidermal covering to replace it. When he appears to beings of lesser power than himself he veils his body in smoke and has his hands drip with ichor, black as tar. He answered the dwarf’s cries for help and offered him the belt. As soon as Falgrim put it on he was bound to the Arch-fiend’s pact, endowed with great power but never again free. The belt itself feels almost of eel skin though putting bare skin to it leaves the one in contact with a feeling on unshakable dread until they let go.


Belt of Kal'fae

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