Arklan Adventures

Owlbears, Orcs, and the road to Orshem

• Narrative Scene
• Meet Fa outside of the cave exit
• He far out ranks the party and they have no hope of beating him
• Continually mocks the party
• Halfway through the fight he says he has to leave
• Heading to Orshem
• Owlbear Matron and 2 Owlbears
• Run into horse farmer – sells party horses for steep price.
• Orc Ambush during night
• Meet Krenn during the night
○ He frantically asks:
§ When is it?
§ Did you kill Ivan Gilnum?
§ So you dismantled the Maafwah by Iseghen?
§ Capture the Rathaling?

Practically insane from the time travel

Nomination: Curtanas

Burning Buildings and Buried Bodies

In a poorly lit stone room, 4 figures stand in front of a shadowed throne where a silhouetted figure sits grasping a scepter with an ornate ball attached to its top. The ones standing are all starkly different from one another. The first is a dragon-like serpent that stands shorter than a gnome. Vibrant red scales adorn his wingless form along with two long whiskers that fall on either side of his mouth. The next form is some cross between man and monster – covered head to toe in fur with a savage hunch that disguises its true height. Dressed in rags that poorly accommodate its form the only notable accessory is a distinctly well made violet cape. The third figure is giant in stature, having to duck to avoid hitting the nearly 15 foot ceiling. His head, hands, and feet are disproportionately large, even when compared to his already massive form. His skin is pale and a mess of chestnut locks shoot this way and that from his head in a very unkempt style. The fourth is an epitome of perfection in all ways. His stature is strong and tall, skin bronzed, features chiseled, his body a temple and a clearly up-kept one. He represents the very ideal of greek perfection. one hand holds a simple wooden spear and the other a small wooden buckler while a short sword hangs in a scabbard on his waist.

Doctor (Jamaican): So, Kafkaf haas returd to da livin buh he does noh rejoin da family?

#4: No Doctor, it appears not.

Doctor (Jamaican): Go den, sho im why ain no one leaf da Mwafuh

The party begins this episode having resolved to take Cav with them in hopes of saving the boy, only for the town to be attacked by a vicious Rathaling. A great battle ensues as the heroes fight the wretched wyvern-esque creature. Party members drop one after another, though good positioning and luck keep anyone from dying. The beast, after being crippled by Ian, finally goes down to Belkax’s magic missle and the party helps to quench the spreading fires that have engulfed the majority of the town.

Many of the friends they made are gone now, burned alive in the Rathaling’s wake, including Cav, Ian, Fyevarra, Nadarr, Clatine, and Sheelfa. The dragonborn priest has gone missing, accounted in neither the living or dead. While searching around the church the party finds a secret slide under the altar where, after traversing a series of tunnels, they find a room filled with roughly 80 corpses aged from a month to 2 years old.

Then something moves and eyes peek out from the pile of bodies.

And that is where the session ends.

Nomination: Eicus & Venric

Nanna Mabelle Returns Home

The morning after finding Cav Camette’que the party heads out to Siroa Gemnefty’s herbalist shop on the advice of Iados Curvitishal. When they speak to her about their intentions she thanks them and shows her gratitude by giving them 4 small bars of leaf cemented in shape with green paste. The party exits Camette’que and heads east towards the Eresh mountain caves in hopes of finding Nanna Mabelle. While walking they discuss the merits and drawbacks of possibly continuing the curse and applying it’s dark magic for good. During their march through the woods the party finds two small tetsucabra playing with one another. Generally wanting to avoid possible dangers the party gives the monster tykes a large birth only to feel a rumble beneath them as a bulette erupts out of the ground beneath them.

After finally felling the beast the party continues on and finds a rather large cave entrance unlike those they have passed since. An abused woman (Falgrim sees her surrounded in a blue aura) lays in the tangle-weeds with ragged breathing. When the party approaches she stumbles her way over and attempts to convince them to help rescue her brother from the monster that took them both. The party, being naturally suspicious, doesn’t follow as she runs back into the cave – sure her saviors were following right behind her.

The party enters into the cave moments after her only to accidentally set off a pressure plate trap causing rocks to collapse and block off the entrance entirely. Only a few hundred feet further down the entrance tunnel Eicus sets off a trip wire trap and coats the party in a blood-like substance.

Large bellows come from within the cave and a troll emerges entirely encased in fire. Curtanas is scooped up and thrown deeper into the cave. The rest of the party goes about fighting the hag and troll, who turns out to be weak to the effects of frost. When the troll finally hits the floor and the hag is bound securely the team finds Curtanas deep within the cave inches from death with deep burns and scars across her face, torso and abdomen.

After everyone is stabalized Eicus leads the interrogation of Nanna Mabelle and they find out that she can kill the curse so it stops after Cav but changing the curse parameters would involve the entire coven that originally enacted the fey magic.

In the cave they find a vial of poison in the troll bed and a small chest at the bottom of the cavern lake. They eventually find a long down sloping tunnel at the bottom of the lake and follow it out to see the entire forest burned down and the Rathalos soaring above.

They get back to Camette’que and Eicus takes it upon himself to put Cav out of his misery. While he carries the boy outside of the town borders Curtanas follows behind and convinces him that the boy must be saved, even if they don’t know how right now.

And that, is where the session ends.

Nomination: Curtanas

Episode 5

• Scene where an army of Orshem guards have driven off one dragon and are fighting the other
• They die to a giant fireball and tail sweep combo
• Kickrard Quaboldeh the Necromancer Grand Magnus comes in from the shadows & kills the dragon
○ He walks over, crouches down, and whispers to the corpse of the dragon
• Cametté’que – town cursed with the single sufferer
• Small boy cursed to endure all the malice and hardships for the entire town
○ He cannot die unless he is taken outside of the village gates first
§ This passes the curse to another person at random who is inside the town
§ persists for 1 century cumulative

Nomination: Eicus

Episode 4

Travel towards Dembhol in search of the Master Library.
• From Shim to Iggelsha
○ Letter from Ivan
§ Telling the group to stop by Stad Dauoum to the southwest of Hefsemeth and speak to Shill Tinker; he may be able to shed light on the undead problem – “you’ll know why when you meet him. Let him know you’re a friend to Ivan and Marius”
○ Goblin raiders ambush party (1 Goblin Boss and 8 Goblins)
§ Traps are laid, bait is set, contingency plans made, generally hard because they have prepared the scene in their favor)
□ Cart in middle of road blocking the way, one wheel missing. When moved dex check to avoid rocks that fall out of the trapped door.
□ Goblins come from either side of the road
□ When 7 goblins die or 5 goblins and boss die the rest run (2 run away, 2 run to now empty lair)
○ Tetsucabra
§ Either attracted by loud goblin fight if they don’t pursue or lives near goblin lair if they do pursue

• From Iggelsha to Orshem
○ Arrive at Iggelsha
§ Head of Orc & Axe of Dwarf Inn, Track, & Gambling Hall where Dire Wolf races are being held
□ Players can place bets at 4 various odds
○ Encounter between Iggelsha and river fork
§ 1 Great Jaggi, 2 Jaggia, 3 Jaggi
□ If players are traveling near water this small pack is nearby
○ Lost wanderer near death on the side of a deserted road
§ Turns out to be Ian Harpcrippler
○ Perfect small village that has nothing ever go wrong

Nomination: Falgrim

Episode 3

On the way to the bandit hideout the jive sets in. Undead appear from the trees and Ivan tells the group to continue on towards the hideout, he and his men will take care of the walking corpses. As the party approaches they encounter 3 thugs and 2 wolves outside that begin the fight but quickly realize they’re outmatched and, unsuccessfully, try to run inside and warn the rest. Once the party goes inside they meet Joziah, a veteran among green thumbs who goes on to knock two party members unconscious. As the fight starts to come to its close a hoard of zombies break through the back wall.

• Find the prince and the boy being held for transfer in the back room/office
• 1 ogre zombie, 3 skeleton, 3 zombie break through the false wall – 150 each – gav goes down to zombie hoard and the party avoids them while rescuing Joziah
• Ivan Gilnum and guards head back to town with party
• Note detailing transfer location and time – happening later this night (keeping the party from resting) – party decides not to go
• Drop boy off at home
• Smithy, fed up with this shit, attempts to rush headlong into this suicide mission. – convinced not to go and defend town
• More undead attack
• Prince more hamper than help – didn’t happen
• He insists on coming with
○ Persuade to head home instead – didn’t happen, Gav panicked ans tries to bail. Party successfully defends town. They have magic shovel and ring of Protection in other notebook.
• Ambush the transfer – didn’t happen
• 2 Cult Fanatics and 4 cultists here to pick up delivery – 200 each
• Deliver prince to King
• Reward with small patch of land, either good location small lot or large lot shit location – picked large lot in the pales that is either 1 × 1 or 2 × 2 acres. Gav gives players a token of favor (large brass coin of hand spread with middle fingers crossed) from his home country.
Shim – players at roughly 900 xp each [LEVEL 3!]

The Hardened Path Leads to Carkador

The group leaves Shim, carriage led by Gav Mevla, ward to King Frostbrood. Their first night of travel Gav attempts to make small talk with the group, though is reception is noticeably icy. The next day of travel goes straight forward, a long day of uncomfortable and strenuous riding for everyone. That night as camp is being setup an owlbear wanders though the camp at the smell of food and sound of a potential meal. The adventurers take the epic battle with the monstrosity – Gav loses an eye in the scuffle – and in the end they have fresh meat for their supper. The third night of travel goes similarly to the first, Gav attempts to get to know the group more with an interest in Eicus. On the fourth day the group receives a letter from Shim saying new information surfaced and they need to head to Carkador, a small city outside of Iseghen. The final days of travel go smoothly aside from a zombie attack with the undead singing jive.

When the party arrives at Carkador they are met with a makeshift wall and an ornery guard. After a brief back and forth they gain entry and meet the mayor of town, Ivan Gilnum. The town official informs them that Carkador has been under recent hardships from abducted caravans and abductions. During the most recent incident Prince Flynn Frostbrood attempted to save the young lad who was being taken and ended up a prisoner himself.


The party enters the capital city of Shim to the following scene:

“Your caravan escort finally reaches the capital city of Shim. A large portion of the caravan guards, you included, decide to hit The Golden Guzzle, a tavern located near the western city gates, for some much needed eats and ales.
As your large group enters the place is already buzzing with excitement. One of the caravan guardsman yells loudly to the barkeep, a strapping yet stout human with caramel skin and a hearty ebony mustache with a glorious sheen. Swamped with orders for more rounds from all sides of the bar he curtly replies in a voice that rolls like thunder and thick with southern flavor “King announced a tourney this morn, open to everyone who pays the entry fee with a pot of 500 gold. Fliers a ev’rywherr if you wanna know more.”

The group decides to ask around about more details and as they do a horn sounds to announce a gathering to inform the city section of the requirements for entering the arena.

The morning of the event comes and all the party excluding Belkax enter for a shot at the pot. The event starts off with every man for themselves and half the contestants fall unconscious or forfeit in short time. Notably Eicus targets the up and coming young lad Ian Harpcripper, taking him down from behind. The town hope, he is described as hard working, passionate, honorable, and determined. He hopes one day to be a knight, though his defeat in the arena during stage 1 did him no favors in pursuing his dreams. Stage two of the event kicks off as 4 teams of 3 are put together and pitted against one another. Stage 3 of the arena begins as teams of two are chained to one another. Finally down to 3 remaining contestants the final stage starts. Eicus, Venric, and Karv (Venric’s partner in stage 3) face off every man for themselves. Karv is knocked out instantly and the two remaining strike to deal to throw the fight and split the winnings. When they gather their prize they’re told to come to the palace as requested by the king of shim himself, Blaise Frostbrood.

During their meeting they learn that the prince has gone missing unexpectedly while experiencing the lands of the next kingdom over. As the party is about to leave and supply up the king confides in him that not only had his son, a novice magician, gone missing but there have been whispers of abductions of other arcane users in the same area. The party gathers traveling materials with a note of reimbursement from the palace. The session fades out as the group is about to leave.

And that, is where the session ends.


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