Arklan Adventures



The party enters the capital city of Shim to the following scene:

“Your caravan escort finally reaches the capital city of Shim. A large portion of the caravan guards, you included, decide to hit The Golden Guzzle, a tavern located near the western city gates, for some much needed eats and ales.
As your large group enters the place is already buzzing with excitement. One of the caravan guardsman yells loudly to the barkeep, a strapping yet stout human with caramel skin and a hearty ebony mustache with a glorious sheen. Swamped with orders for more rounds from all sides of the bar he curtly replies in a voice that rolls like thunder and thick with southern flavor “King announced a tourney this morn, open to everyone who pays the entry fee with a pot of 500 gold. Fliers a ev’rywherr if you wanna know more.”

The group decides to ask around about more details and as they do a horn sounds to announce a gathering to inform the city section of the requirements for entering the arena.

The morning of the event comes and all the party excluding Belkax enter for a shot at the pot. The event starts off with every man for themselves and half the contestants fall unconscious or forfeit in short time. Notably Eicus targets the up and coming young lad Ian Harpcripper, taking him down from behind. The town hope, he is described as hard working, passionate, honorable, and determined. He hopes one day to be a knight, though his defeat in the arena during stage 1 did him no favors in pursuing his dreams. Stage two of the event kicks off as 4 teams of 3 are put together and pitted against one another. Stage 3 of the arena begins as teams of two are chained to one another. Finally down to 3 remaining contestants the final stage starts. Eicus, Venric, and Karv (Venric’s partner in stage 3) face off every man for themselves. Karv is knocked out instantly and the two remaining strike to deal to throw the fight and split the winnings. When they gather their prize they’re told to come to the palace as requested by the king of shim himself, Blaise Frostbrood.

During their meeting they learn that the prince has gone missing unexpectedly while experiencing the lands of the next kingdom over. As the party is about to leave and supply up the king confides in him that not only had his son, a novice magician, gone missing but there have been whispers of abductions of other arcane users in the same area. The party gathers traveling materials with a note of reimbursement from the palace. The session fades out as the group is about to leave.

And that, is where the session ends.



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