Arklan Adventures

Owlbears, Orcs, and the road to Orshem


• Narrative Scene
• Meet Fa outside of the cave exit
• He far out ranks the party and they have no hope of beating him
• Continually mocks the party
• Halfway through the fight he says he has to leave
• Heading to Orshem
• Owlbear Matron and 2 Owlbears
• Run into horse farmer – sells party horses for steep price.
• Orc Ambush during night
• Meet Krenn during the night
○ He frantically asks:
§ When is it?
§ Did you kill Ivan Gilnum?
§ So you dismantled the Maafwah by Iseghen?
§ Capture the Rathaling?

Practically insane from the time travel

Nomination: Curtanas



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