Arklan Adventures

Burning Buildings and Buried Bodies


In a poorly lit stone room, 4 figures stand in front of a shadowed throne where a silhouetted figure sits grasping a scepter with an ornate ball attached to its top. The ones standing are all starkly different from one another. The first is a dragon-like serpent that stands shorter than a gnome. Vibrant red scales adorn his wingless form along with two long whiskers that fall on either side of his mouth. The next form is some cross between man and monster – covered head to toe in fur with a savage hunch that disguises its true height. Dressed in rags that poorly accommodate its form the only notable accessory is a distinctly well made violet cape. The third figure is giant in stature, having to duck to avoid hitting the nearly 15 foot ceiling. His head, hands, and feet are disproportionately large, even when compared to his already massive form. His skin is pale and a mess of chestnut locks shoot this way and that from his head in a very unkempt style. The fourth is an epitome of perfection in all ways. His stature is strong and tall, skin bronzed, features chiseled, his body a temple and a clearly up-kept one. He represents the very ideal of greek perfection. one hand holds a simple wooden spear and the other a small wooden buckler while a short sword hangs in a scabbard on his waist.

Doctor (Jamaican): So, Kafkaf haas returd to da livin buh he does noh rejoin da family?

#4: No Doctor, it appears not.

Doctor (Jamaican): Go den, sho im why ain no one leaf da Mwafuh

The party begins this episode having resolved to take Cav with them in hopes of saving the boy, only for the town to be attacked by a vicious Rathaling. A great battle ensues as the heroes fight the wretched wyvern-esque creature. Party members drop one after another, though good positioning and luck keep anyone from dying. The beast, after being crippled by Ian, finally goes down to Belkax’s magic missle and the party helps to quench the spreading fires that have engulfed the majority of the town.

Many of the friends they made are gone now, burned alive in the Rathaling’s wake, including Cav, Ian, Fyevarra, Nadarr, Clatine, and Sheelfa. The dragonborn priest has gone missing, accounted in neither the living or dead. While searching around the church the party finds a secret slide under the altar where, after traversing a series of tunnels, they find a room filled with roughly 80 corpses aged from a month to 2 years old.

Then something moves and eyes peek out from the pile of bodies.

And that is where the session ends.

Nomination: Eicus & Venric



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