Arklan Adventures

Nanna Mabelle Returns Home


The morning after finding Cav Camette’que the party heads out to Siroa Gemnefty’s herbalist shop on the advice of Iados Curvitishal. When they speak to her about their intentions she thanks them and shows her gratitude by giving them 4 small bars of leaf cemented in shape with green paste. The party exits Camette’que and heads east towards the Eresh mountain caves in hopes of finding Nanna Mabelle. While walking they discuss the merits and drawbacks of possibly continuing the curse and applying it’s dark magic for good. During their march through the woods the party finds two small tetsucabra playing with one another. Generally wanting to avoid possible dangers the party gives the monster tykes a large birth only to feel a rumble beneath them as a bulette erupts out of the ground beneath them.

After finally felling the beast the party continues on and finds a rather large cave entrance unlike those they have passed since. An abused woman (Falgrim sees her surrounded in a blue aura) lays in the tangle-weeds with ragged breathing. When the party approaches she stumbles her way over and attempts to convince them to help rescue her brother from the monster that took them both. The party, being naturally suspicious, doesn’t follow as she runs back into the cave – sure her saviors were following right behind her.

The party enters into the cave moments after her only to accidentally set off a pressure plate trap causing rocks to collapse and block off the entrance entirely. Only a few hundred feet further down the entrance tunnel Eicus sets off a trip wire trap and coats the party in a blood-like substance.

Large bellows come from within the cave and a troll emerges entirely encased in fire. Curtanas is scooped up and thrown deeper into the cave. The rest of the party goes about fighting the hag and troll, who turns out to be weak to the effects of frost. When the troll finally hits the floor and the hag is bound securely the team finds Curtanas deep within the cave inches from death with deep burns and scars across her face, torso and abdomen.

After everyone is stabalized Eicus leads the interrogation of Nanna Mabelle and they find out that she can kill the curse so it stops after Cav but changing the curse parameters would involve the entire coven that originally enacted the fey magic.

In the cave they find a vial of poison in the troll bed and a small chest at the bottom of the cavern lake. They eventually find a long down sloping tunnel at the bottom of the lake and follow it out to see the entire forest burned down and the Rathalos soaring above.

They get back to Camette’que and Eicus takes it upon himself to put Cav out of his misery. While he carries the boy outside of the town borders Curtanas follows behind and convinces him that the boy must be saved, even if they don’t know how right now.

And that, is where the session ends.

Nomination: Curtanas



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