Arklan Adventures

Episode 4


Travel towards Dembhol in search of the Master Library.
• From Shim to Iggelsha
○ Letter from Ivan
§ Telling the group to stop by Stad Dauoum to the southwest of Hefsemeth and speak to Shill Tinker; he may be able to shed light on the undead problem – “you’ll know why when you meet him. Let him know you’re a friend to Ivan and Marius”
○ Goblin raiders ambush party (1 Goblin Boss and 8 Goblins)
§ Traps are laid, bait is set, contingency plans made, generally hard because they have prepared the scene in their favor)
□ Cart in middle of road blocking the way, one wheel missing. When moved dex check to avoid rocks that fall out of the trapped door.
□ Goblins come from either side of the road
□ When 7 goblins die or 5 goblins and boss die the rest run (2 run away, 2 run to now empty lair)
○ Tetsucabra
§ Either attracted by loud goblin fight if they don’t pursue or lives near goblin lair if they do pursue

• From Iggelsha to Orshem
○ Arrive at Iggelsha
§ Head of Orc & Axe of Dwarf Inn, Track, & Gambling Hall where Dire Wolf races are being held
□ Players can place bets at 4 various odds
○ Encounter between Iggelsha and river fork
§ 1 Great Jaggi, 2 Jaggia, 3 Jaggi
□ If players are traveling near water this small pack is nearby
○ Lost wanderer near death on the side of a deserted road
§ Turns out to be Ian Harpcrippler
○ Perfect small village that has nothing ever go wrong

Nomination: Falgrim



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