Arklan Adventures

Episode 3


On the way to the bandit hideout the jive sets in. Undead appear from the trees and Ivan tells the group to continue on towards the hideout, he and his men will take care of the walking corpses. As the party approaches they encounter 3 thugs and 2 wolves outside that begin the fight but quickly realize they’re outmatched and, unsuccessfully, try to run inside and warn the rest. Once the party goes inside they meet Joziah, a veteran among green thumbs who goes on to knock two party members unconscious. As the fight starts to come to its close a hoard of zombies break through the back wall.

• Find the prince and the boy being held for transfer in the back room/office
• 1 ogre zombie, 3 skeleton, 3 zombie break through the false wall – 150 each – gav goes down to zombie hoard and the party avoids them while rescuing Joziah
• Ivan Gilnum and guards head back to town with party
• Note detailing transfer location and time – happening later this night (keeping the party from resting) – party decides not to go
• Drop boy off at home
• Smithy, fed up with this shit, attempts to rush headlong into this suicide mission. – convinced not to go and defend town
• More undead attack
• Prince more hamper than help – didn’t happen
• He insists on coming with
○ Persuade to head home instead – didn’t happen, Gav panicked ans tries to bail. Party successfully defends town. They have magic shovel and ring of Protection in other notebook.
• Ambush the transfer – didn’t happen
• 2 Cult Fanatics and 4 cultists here to pick up delivery – 200 each
• Deliver prince to King
• Reward with small patch of land, either good location small lot or large lot shit location – picked large lot in the pales that is either 1 × 1 or 2 × 2 acres. Gav gives players a token of favor (large brass coin of hand spread with middle fingers crossed) from his home country.
Shim – players at roughly 900 xp each [LEVEL 3!]



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