Arklan Adventures

The Hardened Path Leads to Carkador


The group leaves Shim, carriage led by Gav Mevla, ward to King Frostbrood. Their first night of travel Gav attempts to make small talk with the group, though is reception is noticeably icy. The next day of travel goes straight forward, a long day of uncomfortable and strenuous riding for everyone. That night as camp is being setup an owlbear wanders though the camp at the smell of food and sound of a potential meal. The adventurers take the epic battle with the monstrosity – Gav loses an eye in the scuffle – and in the end they have fresh meat for their supper. The third night of travel goes similarly to the first, Gav attempts to get to know the group more with an interest in Eicus. On the fourth day the group receives a letter from Shim saying new information surfaced and they need to head to Carkador, a small city outside of Iseghen. The final days of travel go smoothly aside from a zombie attack with the undead singing jive.

When the party arrives at Carkador they are met with a makeshift wall and an ornery guard. After a brief back and forth they gain entry and meet the mayor of town, Ivan Gilnum. The town official informs them that Carkador has been under recent hardships from abducted caravans and abductions. During the most recent incident Prince Flynn Frostbrood attempted to save the young lad who was being taken and ended up a prisoner himself.



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